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This program targets R&D projects with a high potential for innovation.

Canadian for-profit companies with 500 employees or fewer, operating in Canada, with a proven capability to finance the rest of the program (with their own funds).

Non-refundable contributions (grants) covering up to 50% of R&D costs ranging from $5,000 to $350,000 for projects spanning at least 12 months.

Experimental Stream – This program targets innovative digital media content and interactive software development projects.

Canadian for-profit companies, operating in Canada, for for the following types of projects:
– Web 2.0 applications and applications based on new Web initiatives;
– mobile applications;
– software related to the Canadian cultural sector;
– video games for computers, consoles, smartphones or other platforms;
– projects combining linear audiovisual content and a substantial interactive component.

Note: An eligible project cannot contain excessive violence, sexual violence or sexual exploitation, obscene or indecent content, child pornography as defined by the Criminal Code (and any future modifications), or defamatory or illegal content of any kind.

Qualified Expenditures
Repayable advance during development for up to 75% of eligible expenses (or $300,000):
– research and development of content;
– overall management of the project, preparation, digitization, creation of interpretation documents, editing and proofreading;
– technological infrastructure (equipment and software);
– expenses incurred from posting content online, including obtaining rights, documentation, design and development, translation fees;
– other technical and administrative expenses.


This program targets short term projects where commercialization of a product or of the results of university research is being accelerated by state-financed technical support or marketing services.

Canadian for-profit companies with 500 employees or less ,operating in Canada.

Non-refundable contributions (grants) to support, for example:
– Product optimization
– Process development, analysis and optimization
– Specialized testing
– Market research
– Marketing strategy development
– Competitiveanalysis
– Business strategy development



This program targets activities leading to the protection of intellectual property assets (patents or industrial designs)

Quebec companies with 250 employees or less who have never previously applied for intellectual property protection.

Qualified Expenditures
Non-refundable contributions (grants) covering up to 50% of admissible project costs, up to $25,000, such as:
– specialized consulting fees;
– study procurement fees;
– fees for submitting patent applications and registering industrial designs, in Canada and abroad;
– intellectual property protection fees.




Beyond Canadian financing, FI Group can help you prepare application packages, look for R&D partners in Europe and procure R&D and Innovation support for collaborative projects with European companies.

When it comes to Europe, several European financing schemes for collaborative research exist, gathering together programs targeting small and medium-sized companies, such as Eureka or Eurostars, ( Some of these programs are thematic, like the Acqueau “Eureka Cluster” for water management.

Moreover, it is possible, on a case by case basis, to study the options for applying to European Commission invitations to tender for projects as part of the Horizon 2020 program.

Internationally, there are also bilateral partnerships, in collaboration with IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program), with France or Spain or other non-European countries such as:
– Brazil
– China
– India
– Israel
– soon South Korea