1 September 2023

Home to nearly 3 million people, Toronto’s economy is diverse, dynamic, has an unconventional potential for business and a fusion of global connectivity, industries, talent, diversity, and a fertile soil for all sorts of opportunities. Being in a constant growth in the last years, the metropolis is reaching the way to define itself as a great place to do business and form connections between people, companies, and countries.

Why Choose Toronto?

Strategic Connections

First, we need to recognize the location importance: with Toronto Pearson International Airport serving as Canada’s main air travel hub (with more than 180 destinations) and the city’s proximity to the United States, the scenario created is favorable for expanding business potential establishing a pivotal role as a bridge between local and global markets, as well as benefiting businesses with unparalleled connectivity.

Also, this position opens doors to a bunch of economic opportunities, facilitating cross-border collaborations and access to the American market, globalizing the businesses landscape.

Diversity at Its Core

The advantages extend well beyond mere connectivity. Thanks to a progressive immigration policy, the city has a diverse and high-skilled number of talented and multicultural people, compounding a diversified workforce, which can provide various experiences and plural perspectives. This plurality can be seen as an opportunity to increase innovation, creativity and develop new ideas.

Nurturing the Business Ecosystem

Besides the attraction of international talent, there is also a business-friendly environment. Supported by a robust network (that includes resources, incubators, and accelerators supports) and numerous tax incentives and initiatives under the responsibility of the Canadian government, Toronto’s provides a strong and promising foundation for entrepreneurial endeavors. Notably, programs like the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit promote research and development activities by offering financial relief and stimulating technological advancements.

How FI Group Can Help Your Company

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