Avionics and Mechanical Engineering

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A well renowned aviation mechanical engineering company that specialises in building bespoke autonomous drones. They have been conducting an ongoing project, which was started in 2015, which along with another project is congruently aligning towards the same goal of achieving a more bespoke automated aviation platform for meteorologists to utilise as measurement instruments for their geographic and environmental research through the  advancements of technological features added to the aircraft such as video surveillance, aeromagnetic surveying and a physical element of fitting the physical delivery requirements of the payload for humanitarian aid.

The main part of the project was to ensure the engine is working at its optimum level. This was a very iterate concept both practically and theoretically. As majority of the companies had set out to speed up the flight, there was no readily deducible solution out there to reduce the speed to slow and steady to collect more data, without affecting duration of the flight. There were many factors that needed to be investigated, a key factor being the weight and how its distributed throughout the aircraft itself.

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